30 green areas with majorero vegetation on the island within the next 4 years

Seventy students from the CEIP Poeta Domingo Velazquez school El Matorral, participated in November in tasks of reforestation of one hundred specimens of area of Castillo de Lara Betancuria within the activities organized by the Environment Council for Arbol Day.

The president of Fuerteventura’s Cabildo, Marcial Morales, announced that  the initiative is also a part of ”a project that Fuerteventura is carrying out in order to create 30 green areas with majorero vegetation, within the next four years”. ”Our traditional plants”, he added, ”must play a very important role in this project and the citizen collaboration will also be important in order to make Fuerteventura nicer and greener”.

The Environment Council organized a series of activities for Arbol Day which is celebrated on the third Sunday of November every year.

The Cabildo also organized a series of guided visits for schools at the Didactic Garden of La Oliva in order to make children discover the flora of Fuerteventura, its problematic and protection.

Visits can be requested from 16th December onwards and are aimed at children from 5th year of primary onwards. Requests can be made by phone[nbsp_tc] on 928 53 36 02 or by e-mail: medioambiente@cabildofuer.es.

With this initiative, the Environment Council aims to show the population the benefits of planting a tree, such as the reduction of greenhouse gases that impact the climate change, or to avoid soil erosion. Trees also work as a barrier to reduce pollution and noise contamination.