Día de la Constitución Española- Constitution Day in Spain

A national fiesta, it commemorates the celebration of the Constitutional Referendum held in 1978 when the Spanish people, with a large majority approved the current Spanish Constitution. This was an important step in Spain’s transition to becoming a constitutional monarchy and democracy.

What do people do? On the days (this year it is on Friday as the holiday happens on Sunday) before Constitution Day, children and young people have extra lessons on the history, politics and constitution of Spain. Each year, a selection of high school students are invited to read the Constitution in the Lower House of the parliamentary buildings in Madrid a few days before December 6. The parliamentary buildings are open to the general public for one or two days. A cocktail party is held in the parliamentary buildings on December 6. Constitution Day is a quiet day off work for most people. They spend time at home relaxing with family members or close friends.

As the Constitution Day happens on Sunday this year most shops will be closed. However the businesses  usually open on Sunday might be closed on this day.