Holiday Advices when visiting Fuerteventura


The best advice for anyone coming to the island is to travel light.

Between late November and April you’ll probably need a sweater and light trousers for evenings, and possibly the odd rare cloudy day and of course your swimwear. But any other time of year you only really need the bare essentials such as shorts and T shirts as its so hot.

It does rain occasionally but you won’t need waterproofs unless you’re camping.

Dress is very casual here so don’t worry too much. If you see someone wearing a tie then it usually means they are a sales rep.

Topless bathing is permitted at all pools and beaches.
Nudity is pretty common at beaches out of town.
You’re on holiday – chill out!

Tap Water
This is perfectly safe and fine for cleaning your teeth or boiling up for tea and coffee but has a very slightly salty taste if you drink it straight from the tap. You’re better off buying the big 5 litre bottles from any supermarket in towns.

The ice cubes for your drinks in bars and restaurants are 100% safe as these are made from drinking water and produced by large ‘ice-cube’ companies on the island.

Electrical Supply
The voltage on Fuerteventura (and the rest of Spain) is 220V AC, 50Hz – so most 240V appliances will work fine. The plugs are mainly of the two pin (circular pins) variety.

UK adapter plugs can be purchased from most supermarkets and hardware stores but we recommend you be prepared and buy one at your airport.

The main accommodation on Fuerteventura is either Hotels or Self Catering Apartments.

Taxis are easy to come by.

Taxis themselves are new and in excellent condition.

The drivers are very good and pretty knowledgeable but don’t expect them to know the name of every villa.

If your spanish is limited, have your destination address clearly written down or consult our maps section and print out the exact location.

The main accommodation on Fuerteventura is either Hotels or Self Catering Apartments.

Car & Motorbike Hire

Car Rent

Anyone who is over the age of 21 and has had a driving license for more than three years can rent a car on Fuerteventura Corralejo, Caleta de Fuste and most other resorts on Fuerteventura have car rental companies.

All you need to present is a driving license and passport (although these rules are not strictly adhered to).

Motorbike Hire

Now you can conquer the island on 2-wheels with guaranteed good weather and discover the vastness of this island on an off-road motorbike. Most companies carry all the necessary insurances such as Responsibilidad Civil and of course all the necessary insurances.

To operate motorbikes all users MUST hold a full motorbike licence.

Post Office

Just about every town and village has a post office – Correos & Telegrafos. The stamps “sellos” (pronounced “sayyos”) can be bought from hotel receptions, shops and post offices.

Opening hours for the Post Office (Correos) are from Monday to Saturday, 8.30 – 14.00. Closed all day Sunday.

If you’re planning to bring your mobile phone to the Canary Islands contact your local mobile phone retailer.

You can use your mobiles here but you’ll be phoning or receiving via the UK so it’ll cost you more.

If you plan to stay a while or use your phone a lot you may be better to purchase a ‘Pay as you go’ Sim card locally. Some phones may have to be altered to accept the Spanish networks available in the Canary Islands. For example, there are T-Mobile Samsung phones that can be used with a global SIM card for international use.

There are plenty of internet Cafés and bars that offer free wi-fi.
Many complexes also cater for internet users.

The fastest ‘quoted’ internet speed on the island is 10mb per second.

Cigarettes & Alcohol

Most brands of both are available and much, much cheaper than the UK or even duty free. We recommend you do not buy from the plane or duty free but buy from the local supermarkets.