Viewpoint Las Peñitas

From the viewpoint at Las Peñitas in Betancuria, an incredible view is laid out before you, a green oasis in the middle of the desert.

Viewpoint Las Peñitas

Discover nature and experience it from the highest point. Once you have left behind the oldest town in the Canaries, you will be amazed by the immense views of the gentle slopes of the oldest mountains in the archipelago, which rise up from the depths of the Atlantic ocean.

The underground river that flows beneath the Las Peñitas ravine emerges through a man-made dam and creates a small lake that is dotted with native plants. The open esplanade of this viewpoint is the perfect stop-off when taking a drive through the interior of Fuerteventura and enjoying this beautiful, surprising landscape.

A viewpoint close to Vega de Río Palmas

Las Peñitas is a place where the imagination can truly run free: travel back in time millions of years ago to when the island was a huge steep mountain rather than the rounded hills of today. Or let your mind wander to the 15th Century, when the Normans came to this valley during their conquests. Walkers who find themselves inspired by the views can drive their car to the neighbouring town of Vega de Rio Palmas and take the SL-FV-27 footpath, which passes through the dam, allowing walkers to breathe in the fresh air of this unique place.