Mountain Cycling & Bike Hire in Fuerteventura

Discovering unique places by walking or biking around on Fuerteventura will give you one of the best moments of your holiday. Although many people think that Fuerteventura only is a barren island and “a pile of rocks”, this island really offers great surprises for those who “step out of the (hotel)box”.

The rewards for this extra effort are interesting flora and fauna, intriguing shapes of sand and rock, absolute tranquillity and pitch black skies at night and, last but not least, superb and unforgettable views. Fuerteventura at its best!


Official Cycle Routes Fuerteventura

There are thirty four cycle tracks on the island in total. and they cover a distance of 225 kilometres. There aim is to promote the discovery of the island's landscapes and natural spaces which are away from the main tourist areas.


The routes

Fourteen of the cycle tracks on Fuerteventura have been signposted in the rural and natural landscapes. The signs are located at the beginning and end of each track, which were selected as the ones that are most used and of most interest. The signs on the tracks give information on distance, estimated duration, difficulty, incline, the route of the track, and other information of interest that includes details of flora, fauna, culture or ethnography of the area. The signs are in 3 languages – Spanish, English and German.

Easy Riders – Fuerteventura

Easy Riders – Fuerteventura

Easy Riders is one of the first official companies for bike rentals and tours in Fuerteventura. The wonderful year round climate and amazing landscapes of our 'Biosphere Reserve' make for a unforgettable holiday experience. Situated in Corralejo and catering for all types of people and all levels, Fuerteventura is the ideal place for all types of biking whether its road or mountain biking. Available for hire we have professional road bikes, Mountain bikes, Trekking bikes and bikes for children, we also have bike mechanics and a full workshop on site
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Volcano Bike Bicycle Rental

Volcano Bike Bicycle Rental – Fuerteventura

Since 1994 you can find us on Fuerteventura with our mountain, racing, road bikes and the island and get to know and like it. You simply borrow a bike and discover the island of Fuerteventura on your own. There are racing bikes and mountain bikes and fittings which are all available in our store. A selection of possible models and equipment can be found on this page, there is also a wide range of accessories so that you are well prepared for all your trips.
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