The Carnival 2016

Let’s carry on with the subject of celebrations…

The Department of Celebration informed us[nbsp_tc]that the next edition of the Carnival of Carnivals in the municipality of La Oliva , held in Corralejo , will be held from 19 to 28 February 2016.

This year’s theme[nbsp_tc]will[nbsp_tc]be “The world of toys.”

However, before that it is worth visiting Puerto del Rosario, where the carnival celebration will take place between 4th- 14th February. Start preparing your costume for the party that falls within the subject of Myths and Legends!

If you live down in Caleta de Fuste and Antigua prepare yourself for celebrations between 28th January and 7th February. The theme there is The Circus. 

On Pajara side the celebrations commence on 18th February and will last until 5th March. Here the theme is Television.

Start working on your costumes!!!