Public transportation discount card

The BTF Bono is a card that allows you to pay, conveniently and easily, your travels with THIADE in Fuerteventura and has a 5% bonus on the official rate, the Island Council provides this discount as a measure of promoting public transport.

The BTF Bono is acquired directly from the buses and inseparably combined with the first charge to be made on it.

BTF Bono price is 2 € being the minimum charge of 10 € and a maximum of 50 €, in fractions of 5 €.

The BTF Bono, except physical deterioration of the card, can be recharged without limit and becomes the property of the purchaser, being the responsible of the maintenance on acceptable terms of use.

For any questions about the operation of Bono BTF, please contact our staff or call to our TIADHE information telephone number 928 855 726.