Insular XXVII Book Fair

The yearly book fair in Puerto del Rosario will take place between 19th-22nd

May 2016 in Palacio de Formación y Congresos.

‘Literature and gastronomy’ will be the theme of programming XXVII Insular Book Fair 2016. In this edition, the show changes location, moving to the Palace of Congress, where is located the new Insular Library Center.

“The move to the new facilities benefits to this must-attend event, enjoying a great reception by the public, adapting to a wider and more modern space,” says the Minister of Culture, Juan Jimenez.

The influence of gastronomy in the literature is the theme of this fair, which in addition to workshops, authors and book presentations. There also will be a showcase of the typical products of the majorero food: such as cheese, oil or wine.

This fair will highlight the important link of the food with the great works of world literature. From Don Quixote, and some passages, to Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, the Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, or gourmet adventures of detective Pepe Carvalho, Vazquez Montalban.